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Thank you Westside HQ

Please join us in thanking the kind people at Westside HQ who have agreed to become Gold Sponsors of the Sherwood Festival this year. Come down to the Sherwood Arboretum on the 10th of December 2020, from 3pm until 7pm and enjoy the amazing community festival they have helped us to create.

Westside HQ is also one of our amazing stallholders. Look for a beautiful bauble laden Christmas tree and join Westside HQ in their Vinnie's Christmas Appeal by buying a bauble and adding it to the tree. There are fantastic prizes to be won for everyone who gets into the Christmas Spirit.

Westside HQ, tucked between the shopping strip and the Corinda train station is our local community club. As a proud member of our community, Westside HQ supports everything from school prizes to our lovely community festival and just about everything in between.

Don't miss this year's Christmas Party, on Sunday 18 December complete with a Family Christmas Magic Show and a mega toy raffle. Find out more at Westside HQ.


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