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About Us

The Sherwood Community Festival is an annual event held each year in the Sherwood Arboretum.

How is the festival organised?


SCF is a not-for-profit, community, member-based Incorporated Association. The SCF Association includes three executive committee positions (president, secretary and treasurer) and general non-committee members. For further information email

SCF is a family community festival and permits the public to take photographs of the stalls and merchandise, and of the Festival in general.



Everyone involved in SCF is a volunteer. There are no paid staff. We warmly welcome the help of any new volunteers. You can commit as little or as much time as you like with lots of different activites through the year while we plan and plenty of hands needed on the day.


Anyone who is interested in volunteering is welcome to attend the SCF meetings held in the Uniting Church Hall, Sherwood. Contact the committee president for more information.


The SCF receives funding from the following sources:

  • grants from the Brisbane City Council

  • donations from local political figures

  • sponsorship fees

  • stall fees 

  • donations from local businesses and residents

  • raffles of the goods donated to the SCF.

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