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Platinum Sponsors: Acacia Plan Management

The Sherwood Community Festival is proud to announce Acacia Plan Management have agreed to become Platinum Sponsors of the festival.

Come down to the Sherwood Arboretum on 10 December, 2022 from 3pm to see an amazing line up of acts, browse the stalls and enjoy our amazing Sherwood community with thanks to the kind people from Acacia Plan Management who have helped make it all possible.

Acacia Plan Management has been in Sherwood since its inception in 2017. Acacia Plan Management offers a friendly, personal and professional NDIS plan management service. If you have an NDIS plan or are looking into how the NDIS may support you, Acacia Plan Management can help you to navigate NDIS processes. Our team will help you pay your providers on time, keep track of your budget and meet NDIS requirements. With the help of the friendly Acacia Plan Managers, you can focus on reaching your goals and living your best life. Our office is located at 655 Sherwood Road and we are open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.

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