Stall terms, conditions and guidelines


Correspondence regarding stalls, applications and mailing lists should be addressed to or Stalls Convenor, PO Box 224, Sherwood 4075.


For other general enquiries, remarks or suggestions, please email

Sherwood Community Festival Inc (hereafter referred to as SCF) has reserved the right to the following stall terms, conditions and guidelines.

2019 date claimers

Applications for stalls will be sent out on 6 October, 2021

Closing date for stall applications is 23 October, 2021



Applications will be open 4-6 weeks before the Festival date. Those on the SCF mailing list will be sent application forms either by mail or email, the latter being preferred. Please do not use forms from previous years as the details are outdated.

The closing date for applications will be approximately 3 weeks before the Festival date. Late applications will not be accepted. Withdrawals after the cutoff date will not be refunded.

Upon submission, applications must be fully completed, have a copy of a current certificate of Public Liability insurance attached, and if food-related, have a copy of a current Food Licence attached (see Food Licence below). If successful, the appropriate fee payment must be made into the nominated SCF account within 3 business days.

Registration will not take effect unless all of these conditions are satisfied.

Past participation does not guarantee a stall. So even if you’ve fulfilled all conditions you may still be rejected at tje committees discretion. This especially applies to stall duplications, inferior or mass-produced products, a truck over a small stall, etc. In which case you will be advised ASAP and your payment will be refunded in full.

If your application is successful, you will be sent a letter of SCF Stall Acceptance and a map (or link) indicating your allocated stall position.

Stall type definitions


Non Profit Organisations and Homemade Crafts:

Organisations such as charities, schools, and local groups (scouts, guides, historical society, sport groups, nursing mothers, kindergartens).

Local handmade arts and crafts that are not sold through retail outlets on a regular basis, nor at festivals more than 12 times per year.

General Goods and Commercial Operators:

General Goods constitute clothing, toys, household items, games, jewelry, stationary, sample bags, business information (such as real estate, gyms, banks, chiropodists, etc)

Commercial Operators include all drinks, ice creams, confectionary, and cakes/pastries/biscuits that are not prepared on the festival site.

Commercial Food Operator:

Stalls serving food that is prepared on the festival site (eg pizzas, pastas, paellas).

Terms and conditions


Even though the festival is an all-weather event, SCF reserves the right to close down the festival if the weather poses a severe threat, and in which case no refunds will be given to stallholders as overhead expenses will have already been paid.

In the event of a government directive which impacts the SCF's ability to deliver the event SCF reserves the right to cancel the event, and in which case no refunds will be given to stallholders as overhead expenses will have already been paid.

Any stallholders who do not appear on the night, or withdraw after the cut-off date, will not be given a refund.

All documentation and fees must be provided by the cut-off date or risk rejection.

SCF reserves the right to evict those traders who have not fulfilled SCF conditions, or who have been uncooperative.

SCF reserves the right to change stall locations at short notice. In the instance where there is a no-show, SCF reserves the right to move another stallholder into that empty position without notice.

SCF reserves the right to choose between stallholders offering the same merchandise, deny applications to those who have in the past disregarded the terms & conditions or have offered inferior products, and to withdraw application acceptance from those who do not provide the necessary documentation and payment within the Application Close time frame.

SCF will not grant exclusivity nor pander to complaints about placement near competitors. All best effort is made to place stalls compatibly and in the most suitable locations. Late applications will be placed in any unallocated spaces and therefore must accept what is given, or withdraw their applications.

SCF is a family community festival and permits the public to take photographs of the stalls and merchandise, and of the festival in general.

Compulsory – Insurance


All stallholders must be in possession of a current certificate of Public Liability insurance. A copy must be sent with your application.

Compulsory – Food Licence

All food stallholders must adhere to the Queensland Food Act 2006. For more information on food licenses, go here.

Food stallholders are strictly forbidden to cook against walls and shop windows. Failure to comply will mean a ban from future festivals. No glass may be used to serve food or beverages.

Unless exempt, all food stallholders must be in possession of a current Food Licence, or a Temporary Food Licence, which must be displayed on the night as per Council regulations, and a copy must be forwarded with your application. 

Licences can be applied for at Brisbane City Council (07 3403 8888). Our nearest centre is in Station Road, Indooroopilly. To avoid delay it is recommended you submit your application as soon as possible (Council require one month’s notice). If you do not have this licence with you then a Council Inspector may close down your stall.


Links to food regulations and standards have been included here.

Exemptions: there are very few exemptions to Food Licences and these are normally restricted to certain non-profit organisations or licensed restaurants operating as per usual. If you think you may be eligible for exemption, before lodging an application please contact Brisbane City Council on 07 3403 8888 for proof of BCC exemption or email

Restricted items

Unless specific approval is granted, the following items are prohibited at the SCF:

• Raffle tickets

• Alcohol

• Tobacco products and paraphernalia

• Sexually suggestive items

• Explosive devices (e.g. fireworks, cap-guns)

• Items that are insensitive or offensive to a family oriented festival

• Only generators that are small, silenced and smoke/fume free are permitted.

• Helium balloons are discouraged due to the world wide scarcity of helium.

Stall set-up and pack-up details 


SCF provide the space, but tables, chairs, tents, stall rubbish bins, lighting must all be provided by the stallholder.

Tents and marquees will require a method of being securely restrained other than tent pegs.

All stallholders must trade within their allocated 3m x 3m area, which will have been marked with chalk and numbered. SCF reserves the right to change these locations at short notice.

If a larger space is required, say 3m x 4m, then two spaces must be requested and paid for. For example, if a tow-bar overshoots the allotted space, this will impinge on all stalls down the line and will not be tolerated. This also includes vans and the like which may not be easily manoeuvrable once other stalls have set up.

On the night, all stallholders must be aware of their allocated stall number, which will be sent in a List of Stalls upon successful application. Stallholders are also asked to familiarise themselves with the map for an indication of their site allocation.


For pedestrian safety, please enter and leave the festival area with your hazard lights on, drive slowly, show tolerance and courtesy.

Family Fun Day: Setup in the Holland & Holland car park from 10am-11am. The street and surrounding businesses will remain open this year, please keep disruptions to a minimum.

Community Carols: Setup from 3pm-4pm. Vehicles must remain on the designated road ways unless approved prior.

Electrical requirements

Lighting to highlight wares is recommended.

SCF will not provide access to power or lighting. Streetlights will be on, and floodlights will placed around the arbotretum.

Stallholders may wish to consider bringing their own battery or solar powered lighting.

SCF understands that there are now small, effective, silent generators available and stallholders are also welcome to bring them. Generators that are not silenced, smoke or fume free are not permitted.

Ice cream stalls and the like may need immediate power. Please be aware that we are also constrained by Council regulations in setting up on the roads but we endeavour to supply power as soon as possible.

Lighting pollution

It is a Brisbane City Council Requirement of the SCF permit that your lighting does not adversely effect or interfere with the adjacent stalls, entertainment, public or surrounding residents and Brisbane City Council officers will be on site to enforce/fine stallholders who breach the lighting level requirements.


If you are adversely affected by lighting from an adjacent stall, please advise the SCF Information Stall who will undertake the necessary action.

Safe storage of cash and valuable items, theft and lost property

Stallholders are responsible for ensuring that any cash and valuable items being transported, held or on display are appropriately secured and not left unattended at any time. SCF are not liable or responsible for the loss or theft of any stall-holder's items or cash. Theft should be reported to patrolling Security Staff or Police, and the SCF Information Stall. Public lost property must be handed to the SCF Information Stall.

Safety compliance

The stallholders must comply with all instructions issued by any emergency service authority, Police, Brisbane City Council officers and SCF Committee.

Noise control 

Please be aware of Council restrictions and the surrounding community.

All noise generated from your stall must be kept to a minimum such that noise levels from your stall do not adversely effect or interfere with the adjacent stalls, entertainment, public or surrounding residents. It is a Brisbane City Council Requirement of the SCF permit to restrict noise levels and Brisbane City Council officers will be on site to enforce / fine stall operators who breach the noise level requirements.   

If you are adversely affected by noise from an adjacent stall, advise the SCF Information Stall who will undertake the necessary action.

The local and surrounding community have been advised that the event is taking place. However please be considerate in the amount of noise your stall may create.

Community members or other stallholders may make complaints regarding excessive noise. 

All generators must be of the small and silent variety.


Stallholders should ensure that stalls are kept attended, tidy and clean at all times. 

Stallholders are expected to remove all their own rubbish.   

Stallholders are NOT permitted to use the domestic style wheelie bins provided by the SCF for use by the public. 

If public rubbish bins are full, stallholders are required to inform the SCF staff at the earliest convenience. 

Drainage and wash-down

If you have made some spills, these must be washed down prior to leaving your site. Drains must not be blocked.

Under no circumstances may oil or fats be poured into the storm water drains.


If adversely affected by an exhaust from an adjacent stall, please advise the SCF Information Stall who will undertake the necessary action.

Emergency or accident

For medical emergencies or accidents please contact SCF staff who will initiate the necessary action by either St. John's Ambulance, police and/or security.

First aid

St John's Ambulance will be in attendance. Their stall will have the only vehicular access allowed during the festival and they will deal with emergencies as due their expertise.

Lost persons

All lost persons should be taken to the SCF Information Stall who will then report the matter to the police.

Aggression, anti-social behaviour and indecent language

Aggression and assault will not be tolerated and those perpetrators will be banned from future events.

Please report all such occurrences to SCF staff or the Information Stall and these matters will be passed on the police if warranted.

There will also be security staff patrolling the areas to ensure proper discipline.


Police may enter the stall, without warrant, and give direction to the person responsible for any noncompliance. The direction can be given orally or in writing and will direct the person to immediately abate the non-complying activity.

Police can require the person responsible to state their correct name and address and to give evidence of the correctness of the stated name and address if, in the circumstances, it would be reasonable to expect the person to be in possession evidence of age. Remember that it is an offence not to give the police officer your correct name and address. 

Stallholders who do not comply with these conditions and instructions from any emergency service authority, any of the Brisbane City Council officers or the officers of the SCF, will not be permitted to have a stall in future years.