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Yellow Bird Trio joins the line up

Yellow Bird Trio is a professional musical entertainment trio, who play at events, weddings and functions across South East Queensland.

Their style is unique with an unusual mixture of instruments, including two cellists and one violinist/guitarist. This instrumentation means that their sound can range from acoustic traditional classical to electric string covers of popular songs, covering a broad spectrum of repertoire from Bowie to Bach and many more in between.

The trio has been playing at the Sherwood Community Festival for the past few years. Madeline, one of the members is a local to Sherwood and has been attending the event since she was a little girl and now gets great joy from bringing her own daughter to share in the magic of the festival.

When they are playing, one of the trio’s favourite things is to see people get up to dance and sing along with their music. This is what is special about the Sherwood Community Festival. At the scaled back version of the event last year, the trio played outside the Burrito Bar, one beautiful November evening and shared a spectacular moment playing Van Morrison as patrons had a Moondance underneath the lunar eclipse.


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