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Basic food licence information


In general, a Food Licence is needed wherever food is made and wherever unpackaged food is sold.


All food preparation and display must be done within a licensed kitchen or approved Temporary Food Stall.


All food operators must comply with the usual storage, health and hygiene requirements as in the Queensland Food Act 2006.


Temporary food stalls


Any business that makes food or sells unpackaged food in a temporary structure need a Temporary Food Stall approval.


A Food Licence is not required for the sale of:

  • drinks, other than fruit or vegetable juices processed at the place of sale

  • whole fruits or vegetables

  • seeds, spices, dried herbs, tea leaves, coffee beans or ground coffee

  • ice including flavoured ice

  • snack food including biscuits and cakes (without fresh cream or fruit), confectionary, corn crisps, potato crisps, nuts, dried or glazed fruit.


A Food Licence is not required for a not-for-profit organisation selling food, such as a sausage sizzle or finger food.


All mobile food vans must be licensed with either a local council or government.


Licensed food outlets


The only part of the premises that is covered by a Food Licence is the kitchen and serving counter, but not the dining area, outdoor dining area, alfresco and footpath.


Licensed food outlets displaying and selling food from these excluded areas require a Temporary Food Stall approval even if all the food was cooked in the kitchen but displayed unpackaged in a hot display cabinet, but not if all the food was cooked in the kitchen and displayed pre-packaged in a hot display cabinet in the outdoor area.


Licensed food outlets cooking and selling from the excluded areas will require a Temporary Food Stall approval, e.g. Noodleworld.


Licensed food outlets that cook all food in the kitchen but sell from a hot display cabinet in their normal roofed service area do not require a Temporary Food Stall approval, e.g. Asian Affair from their awning.


Licensed food outlets that will be operating without any changes to their operation can continue to operate with no extra requirements, e.g. Avanti Seafood from within their own shop.

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